I seek Angelo’s expertise to complement my training program. His experienced hands relax my tired muscles and improve my range of motion.

Moreover, his wise counsel and warm spirit enhance my quality of life. Angelo’s therapy is an integral part of my program and he is a delightful human being!Susan F.

A More Youthful, Pain-Free Body

The application of science and art in the field of massage & bodywork has dramatically advanced in recent years. 

The primitive ways of excessive pressure, pounding on your muscles, treating you like a lump of old dough isn’t appropriate for most conditions.  It’s an unnecessary high risk to damaging healthy cells, creating more pain & stress response, and more chronic tightening of the body. 

We know if we want to make a more powerful & lasting impact, we must work in more thoughtful, revolutionary ways.

We can go beyond conventional sports & deep tissue massage by using non-invasive techniques that are comfortable & relaxing and provide results aimed to completely resolve neuromuscular problems in the body.

Through Advanced Orthopedic Massage & Bodywork, we can create positive effects that include the following:

  • Optimize alignment of muscle, tendon, & ligament fibers
  • Increase proper mobility of joints & soft tissues
  • Release problematic scar tissue and minimize stiff scar tissue formation
  • Speed proper healing of injuries
  • Decompress joints of the whole body to minimize premature “wear and tear”
  • Re-balance resting and active joint forces
  • Decrease inflammation & swelling
  • Improve mobility & extensibility of tight, shortened body tissues
  • Release nerve entrapments causing numbing & tingling
  • Erase abnormal neuromuscular reflexes that are creating imbalances
  • Rehydrate and mobilize “dried out” tissue that may increase the risk of injury
  • Create healthy gliding of tissues, nerves, & blood vessels
  • Erase long-standing, unconscious “trauma memories” in the body causing hidden sources of pain & dysfunction
I’ve had a number of therapeutic massage sessions with Angelo dela Cruz and I have great improvement in the range of motion of my right ankle and hip as well as a decrease of swelling in my foot and ankle.

He has eliminated the pain in my right shoulder which my doctor thought needed surgery. Each massage session leaves me both relaxed and energized to my delight.Shirley D.